Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Bit Premature

Well it appears our excitement was a bit premature.  After two really good session in the bedroom the pain was back.  Given my wife has not been taking very good care of herself.  She has been under a lot of stress and has not been getting much sleep.  So we are going to get a bit more strict on the diet as she started to migrate off of the no sugar, no yeast, no fun food… to a more moderate diet, and we are going to try and get her more sleep but there isn’t much we can do about the stress as she is in the financial sector and as you all know that is an absolute mess. 

So we aren’t sure which of the items is causing the problem but hopefully it is one of them and not that the solution has avoided us yet again and did the ha ha in your face you were 100% better for two days and only two days, see you at the drawing board.


Anonymous said...

Hello Husband, I was wondering if you could talk more about the type of treatment your wife is getting with Dr. G...besides diet modification and therapy what else has he recommended? What type of hormone replacement is she getting? Thanks

Husband said...

Here is the recap of here Dr. G treatment.

Step 1:
Off birth control, removed her IUD, no oral, condoms are the only thing allowed and they must be non lubricated. Use slippery stuff as lubricate, it is a brand/product you can get it at and other similar places, we have also tried non-latex but they are lubed so you have to wipe off what is on them and then apply slippery stuff.

Step 2:
She was put on a cream made by a pharmacy that custom makes it, but I think any custom pharmacy can do it, here is the spec Estradiol 0.01%/Test 0.1% in Cell Ge#100 to be applied twice a day by rubbing it in for 30 seconds on all her girl parts.

Also put on a low dosage antidepressant I don’t know the name of it anymore but is was a pretty common one and very very low dosage for nerve suppression/pain management.

No sex for 3 months, meaning no sexual activity at all! He said that clitoral stimulation is usually allowed (self pleasure so you have full control, any pain don't do it) but since she had some clitoral pain that had to be cut as well.

Step 3:
Start physical therapy to strengthen and stretch her girl parts.

Step 4:
Around the 9 month mark added a Valium suppository to be inserted once a day vaginally if non irritating and anally if it irritates the vagina.

Step 5:
Around the 1 year mark. Reduce the Estradiol cream down to once a day. Stop the antidepressant, and start the change in diet and anti-yeast treatment.

That is where we are at, I think I covered everything. Let me know if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to leave this comment, with the most positive of all intent - I'm sure my husband would appreciate a blog like this, because he is in the same boat - But, I don't understand why the focus of each of these posts is the inability to have sex? Maybe I'm missing some other sections? What about her inability to enjoy other parts of her life, aside from the intimacy you both share sexually? I know it's heartbreaking - we are there too - but I do hope you are equally supportive and empathetic in understanding the other ways this impacts her every day life, and yours too - as I'm sure there are times you do all the childcare, the cooking, the cleaning - probably on top of working full-time. Might the inclusion of those issues make your blog that much more interesting and helpful to those who are looking for a place to vent and support? Best of luck to both of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're still working on this blog, but I would love to know who has worked well for your wife, and also which clinic you were seen in at the U of M. I'm starting in again on trying to deal with a similar set of issues (after 6 or 7 years of this), and would love to connect with such a good PT as yours! And maybe not flub around with drs trying things that will make it worse...

Anonymous said...

Hi Husband,

Thank you for your blog and I hope that your wife is doing well and you were able to move on to a «normal» life.

There was a set back that you mentioned in your last entry. I was wondering how things have been since and have you pursued further treatment?

Thank you, your blog is very informative annd helpful.

Best of luck to your wife and to you!